• Your New Company
    of Technology
    and digital safety.
    Welcome to the Future!
  • Your New Company
    of Technology
    and Digital Safety.
    Welcome to the Future!

Sites and Platforms

From the showcase website, to the most sophisticated of stores with integrated platforms, you can find them here. You and your company dream, we develop!

Software Development

From tax notes systems, to custom development of integrated online and offline solutions, we have the solution. Request a quote for your project with us and have your application on the web today.

Cloud Computing

Have peace of mind, with 99% data security from our dedicated Inovatech Brasil Datacenter, with 3 copies in different locations on the world, your company data is safe and at your disposal, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world !

Network Safety

Installation of Servers, Network Protections such as Firewall, Proxy, Pentest and integrated structuring, whether local or multi-store, Inovatech is the security you need.


Inovatech Brazil

It was born in mid-2010, where it was called Spectrum, working only with Informatics. In 2012, it merged with an Automation company, creating Inovatech, offering commercial automation services, IT and network services. Following its trajectory, in 2013 it expanded its service again, starting to work with management systems for small and medium businesses.
More than 12 years of experience

At the pace of innovation, in 2017, we set up our own datacenter, offering several cloud services, in addition to a wide range of IT security services. In 2019, with more than 1000 customers, we became INOVATECH BRASIL, opening the range at State and National level, with solutions 360.

Stay with Inovatech

To improve you business!


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